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Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh : Những thách thức tăng trưởng2010BookASH Center, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Dapice David, Gomez-Ibanez Jose A., Nguyễn Xuân Thành
The stakes of urban planning and management in Vietnam in the context of Doi Moi reforms1997Book chapterDurand Frédéric B.
The pattern of foreign property investment in Vietnam: The apartment market in Ho Chi Minh City2013Journal articleJung Sanghoon, Du Huynh, Rowe Peter G.
Prostitution in HCMC, 1867-Present2015Book chapterKay Hoang Kimberly
Changes in well-being level of households in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City: Trends and implications for pro-poor policies2012DissertationLê Hô Phong Linh
Intra-urban mobilities in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi (Vietnam). XXVth International Population Conference (IUSSP)2005BookGubry Patrick, Le Thi Huong, Nguyen Thi Thieng
Urban adaptation to climate change: Bangkok and Ho Chi Minh City as test beds2009BookWebster Douglas, McElwee Pamela
Vai trò của phụ nữ trong sản xuất nông nghiệp ở đồng bằng sông Cửu Long 1995Book chapterThái Thị Ngọc Dư, Nguyễn Thị Oanh, Ngô Thanh Loan, Trương Thị Kim Chuyên
Di chuyển nội thị ở Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh và Hà Nội (Việt Nam). ISTED, GEMDEV, Chương trình Nghiên cứu Phát triển Đô thị (PRUD)2004BookViện Nghiên cứu Phát triển, Viện Kinh tế Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh, Trung tâm dân số - Đại học Kinh tế Quốc dân Hà Nội
Les nuits de Cholon1952Journal articleMagrin, André
Les canons tonnent la nuit1965BookNha Cafiction;
Mo. Une micro-histoire du Vietnam au XXe siècle2004BookDang Phuong-Nghi
Saigon, our quiet war in IndochinaBookDateline
Compte rendu de la visite à Saïgon de la division navale japonaise1908Book
Urbanization and sustainability in Asia. Case studies of good practice2006BookRoberts Brian, Kanaley Trevor (eds)
Ba năm xáo trộn1967BookLý, Chánh TrungSouth Vietnam; Saigon; politics;
A tale of two cities in Vietnam. Towards a strategy of growth, poverty and environment in the cities and regions of Vietnam1999BookCampbell Tim (ed.)urban development; poverty; environment;
Les collections saïgonnaises1952Journal articleGroslier, Bernard
L'Institut Pasteur à Saigon1952Journal articleRomilly, Robert-Charles
L'enterrement chinois1954Journal articleParent, Rose-Anne
De lotus in een zee van vuur1967BookThich Nhat HanhVietnam war; buddhism;
Thành phố bất khuất1994BookNguyên Thanh
From Saigon to Ho Chi Minh City: a path of 300 years 1998BookNguyễn, Khắc Viện & Huu NgocEnglish
Intellectuals and political commitment in Vietnam: the emergence of a public sphere in colonial Saigon (1916-1928)1999DissertationPeycam, PhilippeEnglishjournalism; history; intellectuals; colonial Vietnam; Cochinchina; political press
Ho Chi Minh city: 10 years1987BookNguyen Van LinhEnglish
Pollution control of small-scale industry in Ho Chi Minh City: To relocate or to renovate?2001Journal articleFrijns, JosEnglishwaterways;
Urbanization, Migration, and Poverty in a Vietnamese Metropolis. Ho Chi Minh City in Comparative Perspectives 2009BookHy V. Luong (ed.)Englishmigration; urbanization;
Sài Gòn qua bưu ảnh xưa / Saigon from the antique's postcard2007BookĐức HuyEnglishimage
Saigon the Pearl of the Far East / Saigon La perle d’Extrême Orient 2009BookDuc Huy (ed.)English
The Birth of Vietnamese Political Journalism : Saigon 1916-19302012BookPeycam, Philippe M. F.English

journalism; history; intellectuals; colonial Vietnam; Cochinchina; political press

Business-to-business relationships in the vegetable marketing system of Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam)2005DissertationCadhilon, Jean-JosephEnglisheconomy; vegetable; market;
Changing political economy of Vietnam : the case of Ho Chi Minh City2003BookGainsborough, MartinEnglisheconomy; politics;
HIV preventive behaviour of street sex workers in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam2004DissertationDang Thi Nhat VinhEnglish

HIV/AIDS; preventive behaviours; street; commercial sex worker; HCMC; Vietnam

Saigon: a history2011BookNghia M. VoEnglishhistory;
Saigon's Edge. On the margins of Ho Chi Minh City2011BookHarms, ErikEnglishVietnam; Ho Chi Minh City; urbanization; urban anthropology; city and town life; sociology
Tổng điều tra dân số và nhà ở Việt Nam năm 2009: Kết quả toàn bộ / The 2009 Vietnam population and housing census: Completed results2010BookBan Chỉ đạo Tổng Điều tra Dân số và Nhà ở Trung ương / Central Population and Housing Census Steering CommitteeEnglishpopulation; demography; society; census; housing
Saigon streets. A short history of Vietnam's heroes1967BookDoan BichEnglish

Saigon; streets; heroes; biographies

Saigon's edge: Transforming time and space on Ho Chi Minh City's rural-urban2006DissertationHarms, Erik LindEnglish
Social sciences, Vietnam, Rural communities, Urban studies, Saigon, Time, Space, Ho Chi Minh City
A queer political economy of 'community': Gender, space, and the transnational politics of community for Vietnamese lesbians (les) in Saigon2012DissertationNewton, Natalie NancyEnglish

Social sciences, Community, Gender, Lesbian, LGBT human rights, Postsocialism, Vietnam, Saigon

The people of the fall: Refugee nationalism in Little Saigon, 1975-20052009DissertationNguyen, Phuong TranEnglish
Social sciences, Asian American, Ethnicity, Nationalism, Race, Refugee, Vietnamese, Little Saigon, California
Down and Out in Saigon: A Social History of the Poor in a Colonial City, 1860-19402011DissertationCherry, Haydon LeslieEnglish

Social sciences, Poverty, Urban history, Saigon, Vietnam, Social history, Colonialism

Historical Dictionary of Ho Chi Minh City2013BookCorfield, JustinEnglishdictionary; history;
Organizational responses to urban migration in Ho Chi Minh City : adapting to the challenges of a highly regulated environment2011DissertationSimon, Daniel TienEnglish

Urban Studies and Planning

Exploring Hồ Chí Minh City 2014BookDoling, TimEnglish

tourism; history; heritage

Ho Chi Minh City: Contested Public and Private Space in the Vietnamese Metropolis2013Journal articleGivental, ElenaEnglish
Ho Chi Minh City’s canals back from the dead2002Journal articleLam, Tran Dinh ThanhEnglish
Toxicity of sediments form the Ho Chi Minh City canals and Saigon River, Viet Nam2000Journal articleLan Chi Do Hong, Kristin Becker-van Slooten, Jean-Jacques Sauvian, and Triet Lam MinhEnglishcanals; river; sediment; toxicology;
The Ho Chi Minh City Canals: Assessing Vulnerability and Resilience Factors2014Journal articleGivental, ElenaEnglish
HCM City plans to seek loans for wastewater facilities2015Journal articleVietnam News Agency (VNA)English
New face for HCM City’s most polluted canal2012Electronic sourceDTI NewsEnglishwaterways;
Floods force HCM City to amend urban planning2012Journal articleNguyen TungEnglish
A scenario-based approach to assess Ho Chi Minh City’s urban development strategies against the impact of climate change2011Journal articleStorch, Harry, and Nigel K. DownesEnglishclimate; urban development;
Bacterial contamination of raw vegetables, vegetable-related water and river water in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam2008Journal articleNguyen Thi Van Ha, Maasaki Kitajima, Nguyen Vo Minh Hang et al.Englishwaterways; health;
Rethinking Urban Streams: Opportunities for the Nhieu Loc-Thi Nghe River2008DissertationLe, TranEnglish
Dust of life : children of the Saigon streets1977BookThomas, LizEnglishVietnam war; child; personal narratives
In the shadow of the American embassy in Saigon1972BookThanh NamEnglishVietnam war;
Between war and peace : a profile of migrants to Saigon1974BookGoodman, Allan E. & Franks, Lawrence M.EnglishVietnam war; migration;
Hostaged of war : Saigon's political prisoners1973BookBrown, Holmes & Luce, DonEnglish
The Fall of Saigon1975BookManyon, JulianEnglishVietnam war; personal narratives
Decent interval : an insider's account of Saigon's indecent end told by the CIA's chief strategy analyst in Vietnam 1977BookSnepp, FrankEnglishVietnam war; personal narratives
The fall of Saigon : scenes from the sudden end of a long war1985BookButler, DavidEnglish
The fall of Saigon : scenes from the sudden end of a long war1986BookButler, DavidEnglish
People and wildlife in and around Saigon : 1872-18731997BookMorice (fl. 1850-1880)English
The battle of Saigon : short story collection2005BookNgo The VinhEnglishhistory; military; battle; army; South Vietnamese;
Passion, betrayal, and revolution in colonial Saigon : the memoirs of Bao Luong2010BookTai, Hue-Tam HoEnglish
Black April : the fall of South Vietnam, 1973-19752012BookVeith, Georges J.Englishhistory; military; battle; army; South Vietnamese;
Two cities : Hanoi and Saigon1992BookSheehan, NeilEnglish
The treaty of Sai-Gon and the vietnamese response to french intervention, 1862-18741988DissertationMcleod, Mark WilliamEnglish
Saigon : the final days1990BookWatts, Ralph S.EnglishVietnam war; personal narratives; missionaries
After Saigon fell : daily life under the Vietnamese communists1981BookNguyen Long with Harry H. KendallEnglishcommunism; society; population; politics
Famous men of Vietnam1970BookDoan BichEnglish

Saigon; streets; heroes; biographies

The Viet Nam peace negotiations : Saigon's side of the story2005BookNguyen Phu DucEnglish
Decent interval : an insider's account of Saigon's indecent end told by the CIA's chief strategy analyst in Vietnam 1978BookSnepp, FrankEnglishVietnam war; personal narratives
Decent interval : the American debacle in Vietnam and the fall of Saigon 1980BookSnepp, FrankEnglishVietnam war; personal narratives
Essential Trade: Vietnamese Women in a Changing Marketplace2014BookLeshkowich, Ann MarieEnglishmarket; women; Ben Thanh
Saigon1982BookGrey, AnthonyEnglish
Vietnam's new middle classes : gender, career, city 2014BookEarl, CatherineEnglish
Cities of nineteenth century colonial Vietnam : Hanoi, Saigon, Hue and the Champa ruins 1999BookBarrelon, Pierre; Brossard de Corbigny, Charles Lemire and Gaston CahenEnglishIndochina; colonial; city; history; description
Giai phong! The fall and liberation of Saigon 1976BookTerzani, TizianoEnglish
PAH contamination levels in air particles and sediments of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam1999Journal articleAnh M.T., Triet L.M., Sauvain J.J., Tarradellas J.Englishair pollution;
Ho Chi Minh City: The challenges of growth2010BookASH Center, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Dapice David, Gomez-Ibanez Jose A., Nguyen Xuan ThanhEnglish
Ho Chi Minh City adaptation to climate change. Summary report2010BookAsian Development Bank (ADB)English
Sustainable development and urban growth: precarious habitat and water management in Ho Chi Minh City1997Journal articleBolay Jean-Claude, Cartoux Sophie, Cunha Antonio, Thai Thi Ngoc Du, Bassand MichelEnglishdrinking water network;
Sidewalk City: Remapping Public Space in Ho Chi Minh City2015BookKim, Annette MiaeEnglish
The informal sector in Vietnam. A focus on Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City2010BookCling Jean-Pierre, Nguyen Thi Thu Huyen, Nguyen Huu Chi, Phan Thi Ngoc Tram, Razafindrakoto Mireille, Roubaud FrançoisEnglish
Housing policy and slum upgrading in Ho Chi Minh City1998Journal articleCoit KatharineEnglish
Ho Chi Minh City: spatial structure and characteristics1994DissertationDo Thi LoanEnglish
Doi Moi policy and the small-entrerprise boom in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam1996Journal articleFreeman Donald B.English
The dynamics of migration to Saigon, 1964-19721975Journal articleGoodman Allan E., Franks Lawrence M.EnglishVietnam war; migration;
Some aspects of air quality in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam [#2]1996BookHiep Nguyen DucEnglishair pollution;
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