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A market without the ‘right’ property rights. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam’s newly-emerged private real estate market2004Journal articleKim Annette M.Englishmarket; real estate;
Aspects chinois de Cholon et Saigon1956BookKermadec, Jean-Michel deFrenchCholon; chinese; culture;
Cholon, ville chinoise1955BookKermadec, Jean-Michel deFrenchCholon; society; culture;
La faculté de droit : son évolution, ses vicissitudes et ses réalisations1955BookKhérian, GrégoireFrench
Lịch sử Đảng bộ Quận 1 (1975 - 2000)2004BookKiều Ngọc Trạc, Trần Duy NinhVietnamese
North versus South: The impact of social norms in the market pricing of private property rights in Vietnam2007Journal articleKim Annette M.English
Prostitution in HCMC, 1867-Present2015Book chapterKay Hoang Kimberly
Sidewalk City: Remapping Public Space in Ho Chi Minh City2015BookKim, Annette MiaeEnglish
Sustainable Ho Chi Minh City: Climate policies for emerging mega cities2016BookKatzschner Antje, Waibel Michael, Schwede Dirk, Katzschner Lutz, Schmidt Michael, Storch Harry (eds)English
Sustainable Ho Chi Minh City: Climate Policies for Emerging Mega Cities2016BookKatzschner A., Waibel M., Schwede D., Katzschner L., Schmidt M., Storch H. (eds.)English
Talking back: The role of narrative in Vietnam’s recent land compensation changes2011Journal articleKim Annette M.English
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