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Have a closer look of Saigon’s transformation.

Members of a Facebook group page named "Saigon-Cho Lon Then & Now" have been putting together old photos of famous corners of Ho Chi Minh City with the new ones from the exact same viewpoints to demonstrate how striking the southern metropolis has changed.

With the time gaps ranging from ten to 90 years, many landscapes in town appear unrecognizable with new buildings, new statue and commercial billboards.

With all the ups and downs of the 20th century, it is also a pleasant surprise for many Saigoneers to see historical moments hapenning right on familiar streets of today. What is even more striking is in some cases the spots remain just exactly the same – aside from trees and the clothes and vehicles of the passers-by.

Ben Thanh market "Then" Souvenir book of Saigon from 1922, (photographer unknown) "Now" taken September 13, 2016. Photo by Paul Blizard

Saigon - a 1920s view of rue Catinat from the place du Théâtre, with the Pharmacie principale L. Solirène on the left and the Grand Hôtel Continental on the right. And the same view today.

Back view of the Saigon Cathedral. "Then" Souvenir book of Saigon from 1922, (photographer unknown) "Now" taken September 13, 2016. Photo by Paul Blizard

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Source : Vietnam Express International, September 21, 2016


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