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De nouvelles cartes sont disponibles : il s'agit de la série "Ho Chi Minh City Urban districts" qui couvre les 19 districts urbains de la ville. Ces cartes comportent les limites administratives de 2008, des "Quận" et leur subdivision, les "Phường".


Quan Document ID
1 1729
2 1784
3 1730
4 1779
5 1733
6 1778
7 1787
8 1788
9 1785
10 1731
11 1732
12 1786
Bình Tân 1790
Bình Thạnh 1783
Gò Vấp 1780
Phú Nhuận 1782
Tân Bình 1781
Tân Phú 1789
Thủ Đức 1791
Districts urbains 1720


Ces cartes ont été réalisées à partir de 3 sources : la carte ID 1141 Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh. C-48-34-A-d pour les districts centraux, et les limites administratives extraites de la base Global Administrative Area qui ont été recalées sur une image Spot de novembre 2007 et corrigées. 

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VNRE - On April 26, Bitexco has officially introduced the implementation of the project named The One Ho Chi Minh City at No.1 Pham Ngu Lao Street, Nguyen Thai Binh Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City with total investment capital $ 500 million.



Mr. In-Suk Ko, chief executive officer of Bitexco, said: The One Ho Chi Minh City will be ground breaking on April 27on a land area of 8.600 m2, gross floor area is 195,000 m2.

The project includes the functions of the trade center, office, serviced apartment and 6-star standard hotel named Ritz Carlton. The One Ho Chi Minh City includes two towers which are connected by the shopping centre at the podium.

The 55-storey West Tower (240m) contains office floors in the lower half and a hotel in the upper half. The 48-storey East Tower contains the office in the lower floors of the tower, from the 24th floor to 48th floor is the area of ​​the Ritz Carlton hotel.

The architectural design has a cultural context as it refers to the Vietnamese myth of the Two Dragons. The podium represents the coiled tails, while the two dragons rise from the land. The cantilevered tops represent the dragon's heads. The glass cubes are figurative depictions of Vietnamese pearls in the mouths of the dragons.

The image will provide a powerful reminder to current and future generations of both the Vietnamese myth and the symbolic representation of the city's fame as the 'Pearl of the Orient'. When completed, The One Ho Chi Minh City, with its iconic design and strategic location, will represent the new and dynamic Vietnam and will be a new city landmark.

The One Ho Chi Minh City will be completed and put into operation in late 2015.

Source : VNRE

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