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Diverse perspectives on Ho Chi Minh City and Lyon: “Meandering Through the City” Exhibition, Lam Son square, 16-23 March 2014

In the framework of cooperation between the Rhône-Alpes region, Greater Lyon and Ho Chi Minh City, an exhibition featuring urban mutations in the two metropolises will be held from 16 March to 23 March 2014, at Lam Son square, opposite the Opera House.

Under the guidance of the Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee, the exhibition is organised jointly by the Ho Chi Minh City Urban Development Management Support Centre (PADDI), the Department of Urban Planning and Architecture, the Department of Foreign Affairs and the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism.

The exhibition “Meandering Through the City” presents the innovative urban policies of the two cities, Ho Chi Minh City and Lyon, through their large urban projects, urban management of public spaces, mobility, and the role of nature in the city, themes which reflect ongoing urban changes and contribute to heightening their international profile.

With over 300 pictures, display panels, videos, 3D animations and touch-screens, the exhibition offers a chance to rediscover these two metropolises through their major contemporary challenges.

  • The city and water: building the city on water, flooding and climate change, management of river, creek, and canal banks, and water quality.

  • Urban development and expansion: tackling urban sprawl, implementing major infrastructural projects, preserving and enhancing the built and natural heritage, managing the transformation of the skyline and urban fabric.

  • Mobility: construction of major infrastructure, improvement and development of public transport networks – which make user-needs the focus of all current thinking on mobility.

Whether urban professional, enthusiast or just an interested member of the public, you are cordially invited to come and discover this entertaining and interactive exhibition.

Source : PADDI

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