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TitleFlames engulf Buddhist Priest Ho Dinh Van
DateSunday 27 October 1963
Image typeBlack and white photograph
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sourceImageManh Hai Gallery (Corbis collection)
Note(s)1963, Saigon, South Vietnam - Flames engulf Buddhist Priest Ho Dinh Van in front of the Saigon Roman Catholic Cathedral here on October 27th, as people watch. Hundreds witnessed the self-immolation---the seventh since last May, which was a protest against alleged anti-Buddhist policies of the Diem Government. Observers here feel the ritual suicide was intended to coincide with the arrival at the Cathedral of the seven-man U. N. fact-finding team to ascertain if the anti-religious rumors are based on fact. The motorcade carrying the U. N. team passed the church after the incident. (U1399236)
Keyword(s) [en]Saigon Notre-Dame Basilica ; buddhist ; self-immolation ;

© 1963 Bettmann/CORBIS

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