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TitleThu Thiem #11 : panneaux de propagande à Thu Thiem
DateSunday 6 March 2011
PhotographerNicolas Lainez
Image typeColour photograph
Material form
of image
Source Format & ResolutionJPEG 300dpi
sourceImageNicolas Lainez Collection
Note(s)English traduction of the title: Billboards presenting messages encoded in Communist propaganda have been erected in strategic places. The message on this billboard is: “The police of district 2 is close to the people. Is lean to help the people. Is committed to eliminate the social evils.”
Keyword(s) [en]Thu Thiem ; propaganda
Keyword(s) [fr]Thu Thiem;propagande
Keyword(s) [vn]Thủ Thiêm;tuyên truyền

© 2011 Nicolas Lainez

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1072/3980 results        
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