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TitleBitexco Financial Tower
Year of release2011
PlotPromotional video.
CommentBitexco Financial Tower's interesting facts and figures

1. Vietnam's first heli-pad is on the 52nd floor of Bitexco Financial Tower
2. The heli-pad extends 22 meters out from the main structure. It is strong enough to carry a helicopter under 3 tons of weight
3. Contractor Hyundai brought in 15 specialised workers from South Korea to help assemble the heli-pad
4. The building's curvature means no two floors are alike
5. Each of the 6,000 sleek glass panels enveloping Bitexco Financial Tower is individually cut to unique specifications because each floor is different from the next. They were purchased in Belgium, manufactured in China and shipped to Vietnam for assembly, making it an international effort
6. These low emissive glass panels on the building facade help reduce UV ray penetration
7. The observation deck on Level 49 offers 360 degree views of the entire city and the Saigon River
8. High-tech double decker lifts can reach speeds of 7 meters per second, making them the third fastest in the world.
9. For the foundation, bored piles were drilled to a depth of 235 to 265 feet underground.
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