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NameLynn Roylance
Family NameRoylance
Given NameLynn
Field of ActivityPhotography
Biographical information

My approach to photography is through the filter of fine arts. I studied photography at Cal State Northridge with Roger Brown, where I learned to see depth, I received a BFA from Cal Arts . Photography had been a means to document my art, until one day I picked up a digital Leica a camera that not encumbered with a lot of settings, I remembered the pleasure of photography. I now use both the Leica and the Ricoh GR in my daily explorations.

Years are snapshots, images taken in total freedom, made as a response to an impulse…  independent and unconnected. The exceptions are in projects which are collections of images grouped into projects.

Photography simply is way for me of seeing what I see.

lynn roylance
Santa Fe, New Mexico
25 November 2013

SourcesLynn Roylance website.
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