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Famous People
NameNguyen Van Thieu (Nguyễn Văn Thiệu)
Field of ActivityPolitics
Date of birthThursday 5 April 1923
Date of deathSaturday 29 September 2001
Biographical informationPrésident de la République du Viêt-Nam (Sud) 1967-1975.
Images from this Famous People (9 results)

President Nguyen Van Thieu snips a ribbon to open the fair on October 3, 1970

Hired pedicab drivers carrying political posters for Ky and Thieu

New Vietnamese cabinet at Gialong Palace

Tran Van Huong and Nguyen Van Thieu

President Nguyen Van Thieu shown with his nephew and closest confidant, Information Minister Hoang Duc Nha

Saigon Election Posters #14

Tổng Thống Nguyễn Văn Thiệu

South Vietnam presidential elections - Liên Danh 9

South Vietnam elections. Propaganda posters # 3
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