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TitleNew face for HCM City’s most polluted canal
Author[Dan Tri]
AbstractPublié sur le site de Dân Tri

Nhieu Loc-Thi Nghe, widely considered the most polluted cannel in Ho Chi Minh City, has got a face lift, showing a huge difference.

The drainage system of the canal’s basin receives both household and rain water drainage, causing obviously dirty and smelly water.

Since 2003 the city has carried out a project on the canal’s basin area, focusing on the construction of a sewer system along the canal's shore to collect the discharge of wastewater and rain for pre-treatment before being discharged into the canal.

Also, the canal has been frequently dredged for several years. The technology used for the project is expected to bring Nhieu Loc-Thi Nghe canal to its original state. Its banks are also being beautified with trees and green spaces.

Source : http://en.baomoi.com/Info/New-face-for-HCM-Citys-most-polluted-canal/6/295166.epi

101/131 results        
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